Vietnam Tours

8 Days / 7 Nights

Our tours always request a minimum of “4 Nights Star”

rated hotel accommodations whenever possible.

Because of limited time constraints, all veterans traveling to same war zones are required to submit detailed tour request forms signed by all participating travelers three months prior to departure.

Please contact your local BWZ tour director for details regarding your particular war zone destination and for all applicable regulations.

Each journey starts with a veteran's basic desire to travel Back to the War Zone. Determining the exact reason why is the first step in seperating those who truly need and deserve our help and those who do not. 

Only those veterans and families who still suffer from the nightmare of PTSD and who will truly benefit from such a journey are accepted.

Those wishing to simply relive their youth or travel to somewhere exotic, are not who we are here to serve.

To determine those truly eligable, the following factors will apply:

  • Must have served in a foreign combat zone during conflict.
  • Must have a V.A. PTSD gaf score rating of 50 or under.  Those not yet rated must submit to a CVAC evaluation at their cost.
  • Must submit to a financial evaluation to determine their inability to afford tour on their own.
  • Must be deemed mentally & physically fit to participate in such a journey.
  • Former combat unit members, family and friends are welcome to join our journey but  must pay their own way if deemed ineligable to receive financial aid.

In order to keep down the costs per veteran, we are currently restricted to a minimum of 10 returnees per area tour. Returnees traveling alone may join other groups to their area of combat operations.

All returnees must adhere to all BWZ, vendor and destination laws, rules, guidelines, restrictions, schedules, accommodations and itineraries.