Reserve Your Date Early!

Replica of tomb of the unknown soldier.  Prop

All contributions are used to fund BWZ veteran support projects and to manage, maintain, support and transport our living tribute to and from your location.

Our Traveling Tomb was originally conceived, funded and built by the citizens, leaders and veterans of the Santa Clarita Valley and for display at other locations within a reasonable distance.  This majestic tribute is managed and maintained by Back to the War Zone, a 501c3 tax exampt, non-profit organization since 2007.

It is available for display from mid March November.  Due to the high demand during major holidays, reservations must be made far in advance.  It is recommended that you start planning 6-12 months prior to your desired date.  

A standard 2 day reservation is recommended.  Additional days are also available. For all overnight displays with 24 hour public access, security, adequet lighting and a standby volunteer team is mandatory.  

Our tribute can be displayed indoors or outdoors. The area surrounding the Tomb must maintain an atmosphere of silence and respect at all time and this should be considered before you choose your display site. We can help you with your display options; contact us at 661-373-4770.  

Rental prices are based on a per day pricing format and on the demand for specific requested dates and/or events. Please contact us for exact pricing and requirements.  

Tomb Size:  

8.1’ tall x 10.3' long x 7’ wide.    

500 lbs.