Every Veteran Deserves to Live with Pride and Peace of Mind!

Those of us who have personally experienced the mental trauma of combat often suffer from its tormenting and disabling effects. If left untreated, it's symptoms and impact can last a lifetime. Thankfully new advances in veteran health care have led to these truly unique treatments.

Veteran Honor Tours


These proven theroputic tours focus on Vietnam Combat Veterans still suffering from the long term ravages of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). 

War Zone tours have proven to be some of the most healing, personally satisfying and effective meathods of helping our warriors to deal with their past and adjust to their future.  

Our goal is to provide veterans with new and positive non-hostle mental images of Vietnam to replace the entranched emotional triggers that stimulate the negative images and anti-social behaviors born of combat.


Designed for Veterans who've never had the chance to visit their inspiring National War Memorials.  Also as a way to mentally prepare Vietnam Veterans to someday join others to travel back to their forner areas of combat operations.  

Our goal is to reignite our veteran's pride of service and self-esteem by allowing them to witness first hand how grateful and proud the American people are of their personal bravery and sacrifice. 

Veterans will also be given the honor of participating in the placing a wreath at the actual "Tomb of the Unknowns" at Arlington National Cemetery as well as touring our capital's most popular sights and monuments.

Vet Reports on Honor Tours:

Heal the Silent Wounds of Combat.

Dessolve the Confusing Fog of War.

Restore Peace of Mind & Self-Esteem.

Control negative images & behavior.

Increase quality of life & relations.

Descrease reliance on medication.

Decrease nightly combat nightmares.

Help veteran & families to better cope. 

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Rolland "Wally" Walline - Navy Combat Veteran

I was overwhelmed by the emotions I felt and by the hundreds of kids, adults and R.O.T.C. members that thanked us for our service, took time to speak with us and asked to take our pictures.  What a warm feeling came over me!  I was surprised, amazed, honored... I cannot begin to describe how proud it made all of us feel.  I thought to myself "how great it was to be an American and to have served in WWII."  

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Otto Werner - Navy Combat Veteran

The entire trip was wonderful, well planned and a true blessing. We were able to see all the fantastic Memorials and most of the main sights in the Capital.  I felt excited and honored to be selected as part of such a very humbling experience.

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